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The goal:
Every week I will be posting and educating the community on a different aspect of IV Hydration. 
This is to inform the community so that your mind can be at ease. 

Ten things you need to know about IV Hydration!

1. Download the Hydreight app! Click Syracuse, select DRIP DROP GO, and book! 

2. Our company is overseen by a Medical Director, see the about page for more details. 

3. 15 years of experience Pharmacist has consulted with the medical director to create our drip menu. See the about page for more details. 

4. Experienced nurse with a background speciality in critical care, that has excellent IV skills. 

5. You will have a consult with a provider prior to your infusion, so that the provider and the nurse knows it is safe for the patient to receive the services being provided. 

6. Compliant with state laws and regulations. We make it safe and will put your mind at ease.

7. Self pay, no insurance accepted. 

8. Support your symptoms that you are having. WE DO NOT TREAT conditions or illnesses. 

9. IV hydration is shown to help with symptoms that you experience everyday. 

10. Look at our memberships because we make it affordable for you! 

I hope you all feel like you are in safe hands because we have an excellent team that works very hard to make sure you are all safe.

Immune Mix 

Includes: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Zinc, and Pyridoxine (B6)Addons: Glutathione, and B-Plex. 

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): Is an antioxidant which helps reduce free radicals in the body. These free radicals are thought to be contributing factors to cellular damage and protein damage. Proteins are what helps form RNA, and DNA, as well as cells. Vitamin C improves our immune systems response. It also helps with ascorbic acid deficiency, burns, methemoglobinemia, scurvy, and wound healing. 
Zinc: Block viral replication, important for normal development and function of healthy cells, and mediates our neutrophils and natural killer cells within our body. 

Pyridoxine (B6): plays an important role in or WBC and T cell function. These cells are what actually fight the infection, and increase WBC production. Helps the body make the protein interleukin-2 to direct white blood cell activity. There are clinical trials being conducted to relate the effects of B6 to involuntary movements. 
Adverse Reactions could include: 
-Allergic reaction
-Respiratory issues
-GI: Nausea/vomiting 
-Cardiovascular: Dizziness, change in vital signs, chest pain.
If you have a G6PD deficiency you have to have a note provided by your Primary Care Physician stating that it is okay that you have these treatments. This would be a problem if I was infusing high doses of vitamin C, which I am not. 
Glutathione: Helps prevent damage to cells by neutralizing harmful molecules during cell processes. This medication also plays a role in processing medications and cancer causing compounds, as well as DNA, and protein synthesis. This medication is also a powerful antioxidant. 

      This mix can be used in patients that want to protect themselves from getting sick, during the infection process, and after. Moms this is for you, your little kiddos are back to school, where there are a lot of germs.
     My aunt works in a school and just had an illness. We have been masked up for two years so the viral strains are spreading like wild fire.  Symptoms included stuffy nose, sore throat, tons of mucus, raspy voice, cough and was dehydrated. No it was not COVID. However, there are multiple COVID strains out there, and this would help you bulk up your immune system and help stay healthy. 


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